About me and my Blog

👋 Hello hello!

Welcome to my blog!

I'm Javi, a 27yo Spanish dude based in Berlin. I am a very passionate and curious person and thus I have accrued a huge variety of very diverse hobbies like coffee/espresso, pizza/bread baking, 3D printing, destroying my Raspberry Pi cluster to then fix it...

I also love movies (and TV shows), for both the entertainment and the technical/film-making aspect of them. While I did dable with some short comedy sketches in the past, my inspiration has sadly been AWOL for a while.

I'm very passionate about Software Engineering, my profession. I learnt programming when I was 8 and the fascination that the "Huh, so this is how a computer program gets made" realization caused never left. Little me decided to make Software my craft, and started to daydream of perfecting it. I daydreamed so much that I ended up working in the cloud, in Amazon Web Services. I think little me would be proud, and that makes me happy.

The Blog

I like writing. I don't think about it as a hobby or art but as a way of ordering my thoughts and reflecting about something. I write for nobody in particular, I just want to materialize my thoughts and see their essence taking shape as I type.

Sadly, I don't write very often, and surely not often enough.

This blog is an attempt to force myself to write, and to express what I have in mind. And I would be delighted to have you here with me.